Smacht – Clúdach#4•••PE
Smacht - Clúdach#4•••PE


In a novel set in contemporary Ireland, Rós seeks refuge from her life in a disfunctional family in a school that is not much more functional.

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After losing two young sisters in a house fire, in an accident caused by drink and cigarettes, Rós and her family leave their home  to live in a new council house. In the local community school she befriends Cormac, a middleclass boy who is trying to come to terms with his own problems; and encounters bullies who are every bit as bad as the bullies she has left behind in her school.

Rós\\\’s story is entwined with the story of the idealistic teacher and his battles at school, the story of the priest who is wrestling with his alcohol addiction, and the story of the the local bullies. Through these stories, the author gets to grips with important aspects of contemporary society, and is a pleasure to read.

“Scéal corraitheach scanrúil a dhéanann léiriú údarásach ar réimse leathan d\\\’fhadhbanna sóisialta agus síceolaíochta an tsaoil. Sampla cumasach é seo den réalachas sóisialta a mhúsclaíonn trua, déistean agus fearg sa léitheoir, agus a thugann lón machnaimh dó san am céanna.” —Moltóir, Oireachtas 2012



Colm Mac Confhaola

€9.00 (pbck), 312 pages; ISBN 978-0-898332-87-2


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